Wednesday, May 16, 2012

UKM Law Interview

Alright, I should have blog about my UKM Law Interview experience on last 3 weeks. I attended the interview on 5 May 2012, Saturday. As I mentioned earlier, I HAVE TO IMPRESS THE INTERVIEWERS NO MATTER WHAT. But I think I failed. Pity, isn't it? 
Well, did not manage to snap a single photo of the interviewees and the environment at there. What can I say? UKM is a greeney green place with a huge Hutan Simpanan. Law Faculty is super duper far from the main office of UKM, which means if I got selected as UKM Law student, I have to drive instead of walk to attend my classes. 

Well, I got my number 4. I AM NUMBER FOUR. I am the biggest fan of I AM NUMBER FOUR movie, simply because the actors and actresses are handsome, charming and pretty and of course the story line is not bad too. Lol. I never expect I'll be number four. Maybe this is my lucky number? If not, hope so then. 

The Interview session is divided into 2 sections. First section: 20 candidates will be selected to attend the written test, which a question in English will be given to each of the candidates. The candidates are required to write an essay (words are not limited) in English in a 15 minutes. Well, the question I got is LAW IS AN INSTRUMENT OF JUSTICE, BUT NOWADAYS LAW IS ALSO SEEMS AS AN INSTRUMENT OF OPRESSION. DISCUSS. (I have forgotten the question actually, but it's almost similar) 
I am not sure about the others but this is a tough question for me. I am not quite sure what the question's about. I was like "DAMN! I will never get selected because of this question." And I wrote a whole bunch of crap in the essay just to prove that I have done my best. LOL, I know. 
After 15 minutes of written test, we are required to wait in a waiting room for few minutes. Then 5 candidates in a group are called to attend the second section. Second section is the normal interview part. With 3 interviewers from UKM (they are professors of course, 2 Malay women and 1 Malay man) and 5 interviewees. My group consist of 3 indian girls and 2 chinese girls. First of all, we are required to introduce ourselves in English, a very simple self-introduction, only family background. Then the Malay man interviewer started to ask a question in English, the question is WHAT IS A LEGAL PROFESSION? Luckily, I managed to answer it well and I think that I have impressed the interviewers? All of us have managed to answer this question. Then one of the Malay women interviewers asked 2 BM questions and we are required to answer it in BM. The questions are APAKAH CIRI-CIRI YANG PATUT PEGUAM MEMPUNYAI? and a case study KALAU ANAK GUAMAN ANDA TELAH MENBUNUH ORANG, ADAKAH ANDA AKAN MENOLONG DIA UNTUK MEMBICARAKAN KES INI? I have to admit that I failed in this BM session. I just don't know how and why. Suddenly, I can't speak BM fluently. My brain like jam and stuck. SHIT, isn't it? 

Finally, thank god the interview session is over. Now I am waiting for the intake news from Local Universities. 
Let's move on to some photos. 


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